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New version of AutoPlay has been released!

New version, new experience, all comes with AutoPlay 3.0!

Two year's expect, two year's harvest

Time saw the growth of WTZ software!

Have a look now...

Second Birthday of WTZ Corporation Online!

Time changes, winds pass

You are always on my side

Greeting on the second anniversary of WTZ Corporation Online

WTZ Software and all group members thank for your support!

WTZ Software news

Latest News, Quickest Board!

We have dreams, though without profession

Bring our dreams, and start off!

WTZ Software BBS has founded!

Here, you can meet people of same interest

Here, you can share experience, talk your thoughts

Here, a place with no limit of region or language

Why are you still waiting, come and join WTZ Software BBS!

Successful Revision of WTZ Software's Webpage!

This is our New Homepage!

This is the surprise we bring to you!

Why you wait, still when we need talent to join in,

Contact us immediately!