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Auto Play

Early Version Auto Play 1.0
Play a audio file at a given time
Auto Play 1.5
An updated version with background configuration available
Formal Version Auto Play 3.0
Latest version available(3.0.2)learn more

Meeting Manager

Latest Meeting Mgr 1.20
Specially made for MUN in Hefei No.8 Middle School

  IT Helper

Historical Version ITHelper 1.00
Easy file / process operation
ITHelper 1.20
Version 1.00 enhanced
Latest Version ITHelper 2.02
Ultimate Version, including process / network / file /window operation, etc.

Some Historical Production

Easy Game Fighting 2011
Break with traditional thinking, challenge entertainment limitation!
Beat Mouse 2.0(Currently Unavailable)
Hamster appear, then with hitting……
Office App. Data Fox 1.5
A simple but practical data-collecting software

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